Student Testimonial

Sanskriti Singh

My placement experience is very good, and got good training in aptitude, and faculties were helpful during all the times.

BTech CSE 2016 Batch


Rahul Kumar Jha

After getting placed I realized that nervousness is the biggest fear for not to be placed, and also u should have command in at least 1 programming language

BTech CSE 2016 Batch


Shibani Panda

In a span of 4 years in my engineering career I never thought about any top company. The only thing I did was I kept on focusing on my passion and that is coding. When you keep working the results are obvious. Then I got a chance to be interviewed by Dassault Systemes. I initially thought that this interview would be an experience. It was my life’s first interview, I just represented everything I knew and I got selected . The process was smooth. I ma thankful to my staff and placement team for such an opportunity.

BTech CSE 2016 Batch

Placed In : Dassault Systemes

Tanmay Chatterjee

It was a wonderful experience, while our placement were going on. All the faculty members and the placement department were very helpful and devoted towards our career. Especially I would like to thank Sangram sir & Sujit sir of our placement Department for every efforts they made for each and every student, so that they can have a wonderful life in future.

BTech CSE 2016 Batch

Placed In : Cognizant

Sonam Barai

Well it was an incredible Experience. Everyone needed those offers. I was wondering if I could be one of the few selected one’s but I believed in myself and cracked all the 3 rounds of interview with confidence and determination. I am really grateful to the placement faculties who helped and encouraged me during this journey.

B.Sc IT 2017 Batch


Kunal Kumar Prajapati

Every single rejection was worth going through that mental trauma. I never had the attitude of giving up, good things take time and in my case, it’s very much evident. I had the hope of making into one of the product based company and lastly I made it through.

BTech CSE 2016 Batch

Placed In : Collabera

Shubrat Saha

I got placed in TCS last year. They are providing all the training and support required to properly do the job. During the crisis of COVID-19, I am engaged with numerous activities such as hackathons, webinars, assessments etc. to sharpen my skills with TCS.

BTech CSE 2016 Batch

Placed In : TCS


I never thought that I would get a placement from college. I would like to thank to the placement & trining department. They helped me a lot with the positive guidance.

BTech CSE 2016 Batch

Placed In : Toppr Technology

Pawan Kumar

My story of placement was quite different, I was unaware of my company exam and Mr. Mrityunjay sir asked me to join. From there I got selected in all the levels of selection procedure. Now I am dealing with new technologies on a regular basis like Asp. NetMVC, C#, WebAPI and recently working on a big project using Angular also. Here, I came to know the working procedure of the company very closely which is different from colleges. Now working to build my skills such that I can directly contact with my clients provided by the company.”

BTech CSE 2016 Batch

Placed In : Gateway Technolabs

Priyanka Biswal

To be interviewed into top MNC is every engineer’s dream and I got a chance to explore into such a dream and the experience of showcasing my knowledge infront of experienced and talented people is a reward on its own. In order to be interviewed by such MNC’s you need to believe in your skill set and knowledge. I am thankful to my college and staff for supporting me and providing me with such an opportunity like Byjus’ and Dssault Systemes.

BTech ECE 2016 Batch

Placed In : BYJUS

Goutam Agrawal

Tcs is the best IT and consulting services company in India which takes majority of government projects. The company always focus on latest technologies. As per as a service based company concerned, getting placed in TCS is a dream for everyone. Career sixty percentage and good in aptitude, reasoning and communication skills with some programming stuffs is sufficient for getting a job in TCS. As I am good in aptitude, reasoning and coding, in my preparation l had to focus only on communication skills.

BTech CSE 2016 Batch

Placed In : TCS

Niyati Panigrahi

Being successful is the desire of all of us residing over this lovely planet. But such success is always backed by a number of factors. Firstly I think regular and dedicated efforts towards the goal. Secondly the institution and it’s atmosphere. The atmosphere includes the environmental and well wishes within it. This conducive atmosphere is available in our institution namely”Centurion University”, BBSR. My continuous study, interaction with seniors and friends made the successful for getting chance in “TCS”. Last but not the least the inspiration of my parents , teachers and blessing of almighty is always expected in a course of success.

BTech CSE 2016 Batch

Placed In : TCS